LadyBug Crochet Gnome - C2C Crochet Afghan
LadyBug Crochet Gnome - C2C Crochet Afghan
LadyBug Crochet Gnome - C2C Crochet Afghan
LadyBug Crochet Gnome - C2C Crochet Afghan
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LadyBug Crochet Gnome - C2C Crochet Afghan

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Crochet Gnome is a C2C Graphgan with Written Instructions, PDF Download. Click Here For More!

A Tapestry Crochet Pattern, and a Bundle with both are also available.

All my SC and C2C Tapestry Crochet Patterns are delivered in a pdf format that includes:
- Written instructions row by row, alternating right to left, they also have indicated Right and Wrong site.
- Full-size graph which prints out in multiple pages
- Graph scaled down to print on one page
- Basic instructions for the SC Graph and Instructions on how to do Tapestry Crochet (there are no instructions on how to do C2C - you can find it on my blog).

==> What you need for the Crochet Gnome Pattern:
• Yarn in 6 colors (White, Yellow, Red, Black, Green, and Peach). If you don't like the colors of the crochet blanket, you can change it to match your room or use your favorite colors.
• Crochet Hook
• Yarn Needle

==> Size: 120 squares by 100 squares. The finished size will depend on the technique used, hook size, and the type of yarn used.

Graphgan Chart - can be used for cross-stitch, single crochet, Tunisian crochet, or c2c crochet.

==> You will receive: 1 PDF Written pattern with Vector Quality graph file for C2C pattern

This blanket or pillow would be an amazing birthday gift for someone who loves Gnomes. It could also be a nice housewarming or Birthday gift.

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*Unfortunately due to the nature of this product there are no refunds for pdf files.

You may sell your finished items.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.