Medusa - SC Crochet Blanket Pattern
Medusa - SC Crochet Blanket Pattern
Medusa - SC Crochet Blanket Pattern
Medusa - SC Crochet Blanket Pattern
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Medusa - SC Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Embrace the power and mystique of the ancient world with the Medusa SC Crochet Blanket Pattern. As an emblem of feminine strength, allure, and resilience, Medusa's captivating gaze is immortalized in this intricate design, inviting you to delve deep into the world of mythology and craftsmanship.

Rendered in a vivid palette of 10 colors, the detailed portrayal of Medusa comes alive with striking contrasts and depth. The myriad hues intertwine to depict not just her legendary visage but the essence of her story and the enduring allure of the myths surrounding her.

With a 4mm hook, this blanket blossoms to an impressive 60” x 59” (150 x 147cm) rectangle. Whether draped across a bed, hung on a wall as a tapestry, or wrapped around oneself, the weight and narrative of the design add gravitas to any space or occasion.

"In the heart of every woman beats the longing to sit with her peers in a circle of deep listening, deep seeing, and council." - Unknown

This Medusa pattern is an ode to that profound feminine power, offering a medium to channel, craft, and celebrate it. For those drawn to the myriad tales of lore, legend, and power, our VIP Membership brings an array of patterns, each a narrative in its own right. Reclaim, celebrate, and craft the stories of old, one stitch at a time.

==> All my SC Tapestry Crochet Patterns are delivered in a pdf format that includes:
- Written instructions row by row, alternating right to left, they also have indicated Right and Wrong site.
- A full-size graph that prints out on multiple pages
- Graph scaled down to print on one page
- Basic instructions for the SC Graph and Instructions on how to do Tapestry Crochet.

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==> What you need for the Medusa Blanket Pattern (This is the approximate Yardage Needed, according to my gauge. You will probably need more because with Tapestry Crochet you pull your yarn all the way through the project):
• DK or Light Worsted Weight #3 yarn in 10 colors:
- Green ~ 48m = 51yd (in my case 1 x 198g skein)
- Black ~ 1014m = 1109yd (4 x 198g skein)
- Dark Green ~ 150m = 164yd (1 x 198g skein)
- Light Green ~ 156m = 170yd (1 x 198g skein)
- Very Light Green ~ 70m = 76yd (1 x 198g skein)
- Grey ~ 70m = 76yd (1 x 198g skein)
- Dark Red ~ 37m = 40yd (1 x 198g skein)
- Peach ~ 86m = 94yd (1 x 198g skein)
- White ~ 7m = 7yd (1 x 198g skein)
- Red ~ 3m = 3yd (1 x 198g skein)

If you don't like the colors of the crochet blanket, you can change it to match your room or use your favorite colors.

• Hook = size 4mm
• Yarn Needle

==> Size: 29” x 42” (72 x 105cm) Rectangle- The size is approximate. It is estimated according to my gauge. Your gauge is probably not the same, and if you are using different yarn and hook size, the size of the blanket will change.

==> Gauge:4” x 4” (10 x 10 cm) square /4 mm-Hook/ Single Crochet/#4 Yarn -15 Rows x 12 Stitches

==> Blocks: 180 x 220
Graphgan Chart - can be used for cross-stitch, single crochet, Tunisian crochet, or c2c crochet.

==> You will receive a ZIP File with:
• 1 PDF Vector Quality graph file
•  1 PDF with Written pattern

Unearth ancient mystique with the Medusa SC Crochet Blanket Pattern. This 60” x 59” design, vibrant in 10 colors, captures Medusa's potent feminine allure. Perfect for lovers of mythology and profound narratives. Dive deeper into tales of old with VIP-exclusive patterns. Join the journey!

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*Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds for pdf files.

You may sell your finished items.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.