Sunset Elephant - C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern
Sunset Elephant - C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern
Sunset Elephant - C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern
Sunset Elephant - C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern
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Sunset Elephant - C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern

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I am thrilled to unveil another breathtaking creation: the awe-inspiring African Elephant C2C Blanket Pattern! πŸŒ„πŸ˜βœ¨ VIP Members votes for more Summer Crochet Patterns led me to this stunning design, capturing the serene beauty of a sunset within an elegant elephant silhouette.

πŸŒΏπŸŒ… Immerse yourself in the gentle elegance of the African savannah as you embark on this captivating crochet journey. The intricate corner-to-corner (C2C) technique creates a mesmerizing mosaic that reflects the vibrant hues of a mesmerizing sunset. This pattern is a true celebration of nature's splendor and the magnificent African elephant. 🌺🌿🐘

✨ Did you know? Elephants are known for their exceptional memory! These incredible creatures have an astounding capacity to remember locations, water sources, and even individual elephants they have encountered. Their remarkable memory skills contribute to their strong social bonds and survival in the wild. πŸ§ πŸ˜πŸ’«

==> All my SC Tapestry Crochet and C2C Patterns are delivered in a pdf format that includes:
- Written instructions row by row, alternating right to left, they also have indicated Right and Wrong site.
- A full-size graph that prints out on multiple pages
- Graph scaled down to print on one page
- Basic instructions for the SC Graph and Instructions on how to do Tapestry Crochet (there are no instructions on how to do C2C - you can find video tutorials on my Blog).

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==> What you need for the Elephant C2C Pattern:
β€’ DK or Light Worsted Weight #3 yarn in 9 colors (Orange, Dark Orange, Light Orange, Light Yellow, Yellow, Red, Black, Moroon, and Grey)

If you don't like the colors of the crochet blanket, you can change it to match your room or use your favorite colors.

β€’ Hook = size 3mm or D Hook
β€’ Yarn Needle

==> Blocks: 93 x 129

==> You will receive:
β€’ 1 PDF Vector Quality graph file with Written pattern

Let us embrace the spirit of the African elephant, who symbolizes strength, wisdom, and community. As we crochet this magnificent blanket, let's honor these remarkable creatures and the beauty of the natural world. πŸŒΏπŸŒ…πŸ˜ Join VIP for more.

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